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Weltek - A new alternative

Since 2003, Weltek® has become a leading actor in welding protection on the French market.
Always working in close partnerhsips with local dealers, wholesalers and OEMs, Weltek® now offers a serious alternative to the established manufacturers of welding personal protective equipment.

In 2014, Weltek® introduced 3 innovative products on the French market.
Based on its experience and its quest for quality, Weltek® has designed, certified and manufactured a complete range of autodarkening welding helmets, as well as a powered-air filtration unit (PAPR).
The new Kapio® welding helmet, as well as the new Navitek® combined helmet, are answering all concerns from today’s welders : light weight, excellent ergonomics, perfect arc detection, safe side vision, large viewing areas, wide clear grinding visor. Certified with the new Kapio® and Navitek® helmets according to EN 12941, the new Airkos® powered-air filtration unit offers a perfect filtration of all hazards from welding, grinding and cutting applications.

In 2015, Weltek® goes international.
With its products being certified according to CE, ANSI, CSA and AS/NZS standards, Weltek® has started spreading its offer internationally. The Kapio®, Navitek® and Airkos® ranges are now experiencing a large success over Europe, Africa, Southern America and Australia.

Several innovations are currently being certified and will be launched during 2016, completing our existing range, and bringing value and benefits to welders.