Certified Powered Air helmets ?

What is the European standard for powered air helmets ?

The standard for helmets equipped with respiratory protection unit is the EN 12941, autodarkening filter or passive mineral lens.

The last version of the EN 12941 standard, edited in 2009, adds an additional criteria by mandatory imposing to list all headtops which have been tested, certified and approved with the blower unit PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator).
The list of the Navitek* and Kapio* helmets can be found on page 5 of our Airkos* EN 12941 full certificate, available in PDF here in the Downloads section.

The combination and the assembling of a headtop and a blower unit from two distinctive manufacturers are no longer authorized, and will be prosecuted. Any combination would result in the loss of warranty and the transfer of liability coverage.

Why side vision ?

The side visions on the Kapio* and Navitek* helmets are shade DIN 5 polycarbonates.

This DIN 5 shade enables the welder to clearly see through these side openings and benefit from a 160° vision of his/her close environment, resulting in improved safety and increased comfort.

However, shade DIN 5 is the minimum safety shade authorized, blocking 99,99% of UV and IR rays. It is therefore impossible to get injured by a welding arc.

Which norms for a welding safety helmet?

A welding helmet equipped with a safety helmet must be certified according two additional and complementary CE standards :

- EN 397 Complete Safety helmet with suspension headband
- EN 175 Skeleton of welding helmet
- EN 166 Outside protection polycarbonate

Moreover, welding helmet have to present additional certificates CE according the version :

- EN 169 Passive mineral glass
- EN 379 Auto-darkening filter

How to recycle an autodarkening filter ?

Weltek is committed with Sita-SUEZ for the recycling of his autodarkening filters S2, S4 and S9. In case of Weltek autodarkening filters collection at the end of life, these cells must be sent back towards Weltek head office address below :

After-sales service - Recycling
Rue des petite combes
ZI Batterses 01700 Beynost

The contract of recycling with Sita-SUEZ is also valid for lithium-ion batteries (CR7020, CR7021 and CR7024) and the Airkos® respiratory unit with particules filtration.

Focus on

Kapio S4

Key Advantages

4 arc sensors
DIN 9 to DIN 13 variable shade
Grinding mode
Side vision

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