Why side vision ?

The side visions on the Kapio* and Navitek* helmets are shade DIN 5 polycarbonates.

This DIN 5 shade enables the welder to clearly see through these side openings and benefit from a 160° vision of his/her close environment, resulting in improved safety and increased comfort.

However, shade DIN 5 is the minimum safety shade authorized, blocking 99,99% of UV and IR rays. It is therefore impossible to get injured by a welding arc.


Focus on

Navitek S4 Shock

Key Advantages

Hard hat manufactured in ABS
Headgear with reinforced ratchet
Up lock position helmet

Navitek combined helmet
Clear grinding visor
Grinding certified
160° Side vision
4 arc sensors
DIN 9 to DIN 13 variable shade
Storage bag included

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