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Navitek Visor Helmet

The new Navitek* combines a large clear visor to a liftable front frame hosting the best autodarkening filters.

The high optical quality of the clear visor polycarbonate offers a perfect vision during grinding and preparation works.

The front frame can easily be lifted, even with welding gloves on. The front frame is available with or without the shade DIN 5 transparent side vision, proving full 160° vision of the welder’s close environment: improved safety and advanced comfort.

The Navitek* combined helmet is also available with a passive 110x90mm mineral lens instead of the S4 and S9 autodarkening filters.

Focus on

Navitek DIN 5 Visor Airkos

Key Advantages

Shade DIN 5 Cutting visor
Clear grinding visor
Dual large vision
Particules filtration (PRSL)
Regulated airflow
Clogged-filter alarm
Low-battery alarm

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