2017-2018 Master Catalog

The Master Catalog is available !

You will find the full range of Kapio* helmets with or without side vision, the combined Navitek* helmet with its large grinding visor, as well as the Airkos* filtration unit.

This last update includes the new Kapio*Jeans and Kapio* Metal, and also the passive Navitek* (M5 for cutting and M11 for welding).

The enclosed exploded views supply all needed information on the spare parts and their item numbers concerning autodarkening filters, Kapio* shells, Navitek* shells and Airkos* blower unit.

All CE certificats are also listed.

Please find below the PDF format:

PDF - 4.2 Mb


Focus on

Navitek DIN 5 Visor Airkos

Key Advantages

Shade DIN 5 Cutting visor
Clear grinding visor
Dual large vision
Particules filtration (PRSL)
Regulated airflow
Clogged-filter alarm
Low-battery alarm

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