How to recycle an autodarkening filter ?

Weltek is committed with Sita-SUEZ for the recycling of his autodarkening filters S2, S4 and S9. In case of Weltek autodarkening filters collection at the end of life, these cells must be sent back towards Weltek head office address below :

After-sales service - Recycling
Rue des petite combes
ZI Batterses 01700 Beynost

The contract of recycling with Sita-SUEZ is also valid for lithium-ion batteries (CR7020, CR7021 and CR7024) and the Airkos® respiratory unit with particules filtration.


Focus on

Navitek DIN 5 Visor Airkos

Key Advantages

Shade DIN 5 Cutting visor
Clear grinding visor
Dual large vision
Particules filtration (PRSL)
Regulated airflow
Clogged-filter alarm
Low-battery alarm

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