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Kapio S13

Key Advantages

The Kapio* S13 presents 2 major advantages:
1 - A revolutionary autodarkening filter restituting colors and enhancing contrasts.
2 - An extra-large viewing area in a light and ergonomic helmet.

The S13 is indeed equipped with a specific glass-pack: the vision of colors and contrasts, in both grinding and welding phases, is outstanding and uncomparable. This true vision greatly improves the general quality of the welding cords, relieves the operator from stress and over-concentration, and make possible digital display reading.
In addition, the viewing area of the S13 has been extended to 100x67mm, with a perfect positioning and centering. This extra-large viewing area offers excellent optical classes 1/1/1/2.

The 4 arc sensors are associated to a very fast switching speed of 0,1ms for a flawless detection of the welding arc, with all welding processes: electrodes, MIG/MAG, TIG and micro-TIG.

2 ranges of welding shades are available to the welder: from DIN 5 to DIN 8, and from DIN 9 to DIN 13, in addition to the sensitivity level of the 4 arc sensors, and the delay which can be adjusted from 0,1 second to 1,9 second.

All the settings and parameters on the S13 are visible in a large and internal digital display, directly in front of the welder.
All knobs on the S13 are soft-touch, making it easy to adjust even with gloves on.

The S13 is covered by a full 3-year warranty.

The Kapio® shell and all its polycarbonates are certified for grinding with the specific standards EN 166B and EN 175B.
When selecting the Grind mode, all 4 arc sensors become desactivated and the S13 displays GRIND. The operator is then able to grind with a clear shade DIN 4.

The excellent ergonomics provides perfect protection of the forehead, the ears and the neck, while keeping the weight at a low 510g.

This high comfort level can be advanced once equipped with side vision in shade DIN 5: the Kapio® S13 then provides a 160° vision to the welder, for improved safety and advanced comfort. These side vision are made out of transparent shade DIN 5 polycarbonate.
In each graphic version, the Kapio* S13 is available with or without these side vision.

The Kapio® S13 is equipped with the longitudinal headgear with 4 settings: height, width, angle, and longitudinal adjustment for welders operating with corrective glasses.

The Kapio® S13 is available in 8 graphic themes: Gangster, Blue, Black, Jeans, Orange Racing, Green Racing, USA and Yellow Gangster.
All versions of the Kapio® S13 helmets are certified and are available with the Airkos® respiratory unit for particules filtration.

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Technical specs
Material Polyamide
LC technology Twisted Nematic
Optical Classes 1/1/1/2
Sensitivity setting Stepless
Power Piles - Auto Off
Grinding Yes - Blocked shade DIN 4
Standards EN175B, EN166B, EN379
Outside protection Clear polycarbonate
Arc sensors 4 - Independent
Switching speed 0,1ms
Applications Electrodes, MIG/MAG, TIG, Micro-TIG, Cutting
Delay setting From 0,1s to 1,9s
Welding shade Variable DIN 5-8 and DIN 9-13
Side vision Shade DIN 5 polycarbonate
Vision TrueColors* Colors/Contrats restitution
Warranty 3 years
Viewing area 100 x 67mm

Longitudinal headgear (x1) AX 1097
Sweatband (x2) AX 1140
Outside protection plate (x10) AX 4000
Inside protection plate (x10) AX 2360
Lithium battery (x2) AX 2715

  • Kapio S13 BlackPL14S13
  • Kapio S13 Black Side VisionPL24S13
  • Kapio S13 BluePL16S13
  • Kapio S13 Blue Side VisionPL26S13
  • Kapio S13 GangsterPL18S13
  • Kapio S13 Gangster Side VisionPL28S13
  • Kapio S13 JeansPL19S13
  • Kapio S13 Jeans Side VisionPL29S13
  • ------- New 2017 Kapio -------
  • Kapio S13 Yellow Gangster Side Vision PL21S13
  • Kapio S13 Orange Racing Side Vision PL30S13
  • Kapio S13 Green Racing Side Vision PL32S13
  • Kapio S13 USA Side Vision PL41S13


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