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Navitek M11 Airkos

Key Advantages

The Navitek® M11 combines a passive welding helmet with a very large clear visor for welding.
Positionned into the liftable front frame, the Navitek® M11 is equipped with a shade DIN 11 passive mineral lens, offering a 110x90mm viewing area.

The Navitek® shell and all its polycarbonates are certified for grinding with the specific standards EN 166B and EN 175B. The visor is made in perfectly clear 1,0mm thick polycarbonate.

The excellent ergonomics provides perfect protection of the forehead, the ears and the neck.
This high comfort level can be advanced once equipped with side vision in shade DIN 5: the Navitek® M11 then provides a 160° vision to the welder, for improved safety and advanced comfort. These side vision are made out of transparent shade DIN 5 polycarbonate.

The Navitek® M11 is equipped with the longitudinal headgear with 4 settings: height, width, angle, and longitudinal adjustment for welders operating with corrective glasses.

When associated to the Airkos®, the Navitek® M11 helmet provides the filtration of Solid and Liquid Particules (PSL). The bolted and flame retardant face seal guarantees a limited TH2 inward leakage inside the headtop. The main filter on the Airkos® is classified as « Re-usable » (PRSL), and does not need to be replaced after every shift. The visual and sound alarm will inform the operator when to replace the filter.

The PRSL filter of the Airkos® is equipped with a pre-filter, blocking the largest particules and extending the lifecycle of the main filter. As an option, a pre-filter with active charcoals is available.

The Airkos® blower unit (PAPR) is approved and certified according to the EN 12941 standard, with and only with the Navitek® headtop. Cf certificate below :

PDF - 364.4 kb

Completing the alarm for the clogged filter, the filtration unit is also equipped with a distinctive alarm for the battery, informing the operator when the charge is running low.

The Airkos® is delivered with a standard 4-cell Lithium-ion battery. A heavy-duty battery with 6 Lithium-ion cells is also available. When equipped with the standard battery (CR7020), the Airkos® can provide up to 10 hours of operating time (with a new filter and on minimum airflow). Once equipped with the heavy-duty battery (CR7021), the Airkos® offers up to 15 hours, under the same conditions.

According to the welding application, the close environment and the operator’s habits, it is possible to select between 2 airflows on the Airkos®. 180l/m is the minimum airflow. With a simple push on the control knob, the unit increases the airflow to 220l/m.

A very large and padded belt provides an excellent comfort and a perfect support of the blower unit. As options, a padded harness and/or a belt extension are available to complete the existing belt.

Each Navitek® M11 Airkos is delivered with its own storage bag. The Airkos® storage bag is perfect for transport and stock of buffer spare parts.

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Technical specs
Material Polyamide
Welding shade Fixe DIN 11
Standards EN12941
Warranty 1 year on battery and motor
Outside protection Clear polycarbonate
Vision 110x90mm
Verre minéral DIN 11 - Included
Filtration TH2PSL
Sound alarm Clogged filter
Battery Lithium-Ion - Removable
Charger 6 hours smart charge (for CR7020)
Belt Large and padded Neoprene
Spark protection Indirect filter cover
Hose cover Included - Flame retardant
Sound level 60dB
Headgear Confort - 4 settings
Airflow 180l/m and 220l/m
Operating time 9-10 hours
Sound alarm Low battery charge
Belt adjustment Double fast setting - No velcro
Weight 1180g (unité+batterie+ceinture+filtre)
Side vision Shade DIN 5 polycarbonate

Outside protection plate (x10) AX 4000
Inside protection plate (x10) AX 2110
Visor polycarbonate (x5) AX 3415
Sweatband (x2) AX 1140
Headgear with airduct CR 7025
Large padded belt CR 7001
Optional confort harness CR 7002
Belt extension CR 7003
Air hose with connections CR 7010
Flame retardant hose cover CR 7012
Standard Lithium-ion battery CR 7020
Heavy-duty Lithium-ion battery CR 7021
Lithium-ion battery european charger CR 7022
Lithium-ion battery international charger CR 7023
Navitek* flame retardant face seal CR 7032
PRSL main filter CR 7050
Pre-filter (x10) CR 7060
Pre-filtre with active carbons (x10) CR 7070
Storage bag CR 7090

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  • Navitek M11 Side Vision AirkosCR58M11


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