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New Shock range: safety hard hat for Kapio* and Navitek* helmets !

The Kapio* helmet and the combined Navitek* helmet now have a safety hard hat version, certified according to EN 397.

The Kapio* S4 Shock and the Navitek* S4 Shock present all key arguments of a complete solution for welders operating in fall-risk areas:

- S4 autodarkening filter with 4 independant arc sensors,
- side vision in shade DIN 5 polycarbonate,
- lightweight and ergonomic safety hard hat,
- 6-point headgear with reinforced ratchet,
- uplock position,
- and full grinding visor on Navitek*.

Each Shock helmet is delivered with its own storage bag.

Discover the new brochure.

PDF - 1.3 Mb

Focus on

Navitek S4 Airkos

Key Advantages

Clear grinding visor
DIN 9 to DIN 13 variable shade
4 arc sensors
Side vision
Particules filtration (PRSL)
2 airflows
Clogged-filter alarm
Low-battery alarm
Storage bag

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