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Weltek got a facelift before summer!

With our continuous improvement program of customer satisfaction, we made a series of changes and features on our web site :
- Graphics standards deployment ;
- Technical articles update ;
- Displayed and download files update ;
- Answers to your questions in the FAQ section ;
- Weltek news ;
- On-line Spanish version to answer the increasing request of iberian and South American countries.

FOCUS: Since 2010, Weltek set up the continuous improvement program of customer satisfaction which based on internal organization, sales network and partners.
With the aim of supplying an optimal service with availability, reactivity and efficiency.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information thanks to the form Contact Us.
Let’s see www.weltekinternational.com

Focus on

Navitek S4 Shock

Key Advantages

Hard hat manufactured in ABS
Headgear with reinforced ratchet
Up lock position helmet

Navitek combined helmet
Clear grinding visor
Grinding certified
160° Side vision
4 arc sensors
DIN 9 to DIN 13 variable shade
Storage bag included

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