Strong ties

Weltek® is a family-ran company, with a cohesive team.
Based on the concepts of understanding, responsiveness, proximity, and flexibility, Weltek® has managed to implement working procedures which are now much appreciated by its dealers.

A reliable sales policy

Believing that the key to a controlled development goes through selective distribution instead of massive distribution, Weltek® focuses on its dealers active network.
No direct sales to end-users and welders is allowed. Our experience and our knowledge is only dedicated to our dealers.

However, part of our responsabilities is also to ensure the promotion of our products, as well as technical assistance to end-users alongside our local partner dealers.
Our sales policy is transferred to the market through sales representatives with string experience in distribution, welding and Personal Protective Equipment.

Long-term objectives

Our choices and decisions are focused on long-term solutions.
All helmets, their spare parts and the aftersales service are followed up over several years.
Weltek*’s partner dealers and their end-user customers appreciate the stability, the reliability and the durability of our ranges.

Added-value as the basis

Since 2003, Weltek*’s strategy has always focused on the added value brought by our products to our distribution network. This focus on quality has become highly appreciated and even required by our dealers which then benefit from a higher level of differenciation.
This quest for quality goes through a strict selection of raw materials, regular audits of suppliers, certifications and standard audits updates, and a quality control process in our assembling site in Beynost, France.


Focus on

Navitek DIN 5 Visor Airkos

Key Advantages

Shade DIN 5 Cutting visor
Clear grinding visor
Dual large vision
Particules filtration (PRSL)
Regulated airflow
Clogged-filter alarm
Low-battery alarm

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